Proudly Certified By SIMA Snow And Ice Management Association!

SIMA ensures professionalism and safer communities by helping those who manage snow & ice master essential skills and practices.

Vision Statement – the picture of SIMA’s future: Over the next five to seven years, SIMA will become broadly recognized as the “go to” resource for both its members and any local or national entity related to the snow and ice management industry. A financially robust organization, SIMA will be a crucial industry force to increase the professional capacity of its members, and to promote that professionalism to those needing snow and ice management services. SIMA will provide far-reaching and farsighted leadership on legislative, regulatory, and business issues facing the industry, and will guide a vigorous and proactive industry agenda for responsible environmental stewardship. A large and diverse membership will select from a broad range of program content and delivery mechanisms that meet rapidly changing member needs. At the same time, members will increasingly enjoy and benefit from the many networking opportunities provided by their association.

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