Finding a Snow and Ice Management Service Provider

Are you looking for information that will help you make a good decision on hiring a snow removal service provider? SIMA has broken down the major issues for you in easy-to-read sections:

Major Issues in Snow & Ice Management
Insurance & Risk Management
Weather & Conditions
De-icing & Anti-icing
Pricing/Cost of Service
Certified Snow Professional (CSP) Program

Find a SIMA member or Certified Snow Professional (CSP) in your area by going to the directory.

The weather is too chaotic to predict accurately, and each storm or snow event is different from the last. In a city, one portion may get 3 inches of snow and ice, while another location gets only 1 inch of light snow. Local conditions can change rapidly and without warning.

In the United States:

  • Each year an average of 105 snow-producing storms affect the continental United States. A typical storm will have a snow-producing lifetime of two to five days and will bring snow to portions of several states.
  • About 70% of winter-storm-related deaths occur in automobiles. The rest are primarily due to heart attacks from over-exertions such as shoveling heavy snow or from hypothermia caused by overexposure to the cold.
  • Snow continues to challenge weather experts across the country. It is still very difficult to predict and is surprisingly hard to measure once it has fallen.

These are some of the difficulties snow and ice management professionals not only need to handle, but also run a reliable and profitable business around. SIMA’s goal is to help provide you with the information to make a good decision and to hire a professional.




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